Ugh, it's overwhelming even thinking about it!


  • Spending all your crochet time actually crocheting.

(not desperately searching for the (English!) written instructions to that beautiful Russian design you want to make)

  • Only needing one page / image on your tablet to crochet on the go.

(instead of your usual 10+ page pattern binder)

All without the endless headaches and tangled yarn messes of trying to understand what you're supposed to do next.

Identify the different types of charts & graphs, their specificities and benefits


so you know exactly what you're looking at and what information it gives you.

Whether you want to

take notes for future reference or make a chart / graph to work from,  it's convenient to know how to build it (easily!).

But more importantly:
You'll leave this training with the confidence to read ANY crochet chart or graph effortlessly to make crochet gifts!

Your life AFTER Conquer Charts & Graphs:


  • Confidently tackling the sweater chart you've been drooling over knowing what the symbols mean and how to follow the chart.


  • Excited to make colorwork projects now that you can follow any crochet graph.


  • Relaxed spending all your craft time actually crafting and recharged after a good yarn session.


  • Proud of all the custom handmade gifts you've made your friends and family. 

(I know which one I'd pick every time!)