Are you ready to finally read crochet patterns without headache and a tangled yarn mess ?


(hint: You know you are!)

Join me for a instant access workshop where you'll learn how to decipher any crochet pattern.


You’ve been wanting to follow crochet patterns, but whenever you sit down to make it happen, you’re immediately overwhelmed.

  • You have no idea how to even get started: ​Do you start at Row 1? How do you select your materials? Should you read through the entire pattern first?


  • You're confused not knowing how to decipher all the symbols -- What does (, ], * mean?
  • You're frustrated by all the abbreviations you can't make sense of.





  • You're lost not knowing what half of the pattern information even means: Gauge? Blocking? What language is this??

Ugh, it's overwhelming even thinking about it!


  • Going out proudly wearing your handmade cardigan

(that actually fits and looks store-bought)

  • Making everyone in your family the perfect personal handmade gift this year

(let's face it - matching scarves are great and all but ... picking the right pattern for each person is part of the gift.)

  • Spending all your crochet time actually crocheting.

(relaxed knowing what you're doing, what information you need and where to find it)

  • Being able to accept making your daughter the sweater pattern she's been dreaming off.

(and she'll actually wear it non-stop)

All without the endless headaches and tangled yarn messes of trying to understand what you're supposed to do next.

Sounds like something you could get on board with?


If so, then let me introduce you to your new bestie!







The foolproof strategy for deciphering ANY crochet pattern effortlessly

A 2 hour immersive instant access training workshop session that will walk you through reading crochet patterns step-by-step.



"The instructions are so easy to follow. The photos provide excellent visual help!" – Susie

This 2-hour INSTANT ACCESS workshop will teach you my no-fail signature Pattern Tackling Technique

SET UP for success

What information to look for (sizing, material, gauge etc), where to find it and how to use it before you start stitching to set yourself up for success.

FOLLOW instructions

How to decipher row by row instructions with actual pattern step by step walkthrough examples. 



How to finish off your project after the last stitch to make it look it's best.

But more importantly:
You'll leave this training with the confidence to read ANY crochet pattern effortlessly to make crochet gifts that look like the pattern pictures.

"I think that you are one of the most down to earth designers out there, one who takes the time to really care about her audience. I love your patterns because they are always so easy to read and understand." - Myra

But that’s not all…!

When you join Proficient in Patterns, you’ll also snag these sweet, sweet bonuses to speed up your results even faster:

Bonus #1: Crochet Slang Cheat Sheet Bundle


Printable crochet slang cheat sheets for easy reference while working on any pattern.



  • Abbreviations
  • US vs UK conversions
  • Hook sizes
  • Yarn weights
  • Imperial vs Metric conversions
  • Crochet community terminology



Bonus #2: Proficient in Patterns Workbook


Detailed overview of the Pattern Tackling Technique with step by step walkthrough of real pattern examples.


Includes the Bonus Blocking Book to help you get your project from homemade to handmade.


Ready to read crochet patterns like a pro?

Have we not formally met? If not, let's do something about it!

Hey! I'm Hortense


Mom, avid baker and lover of all things yarn (he I even have a pattern Etsy shop with over 2000 sales ;) )



I'm betting we have a thing or two in common.


A few years ago, bored making the one blanket I knew on repeat, I taught myself to read crochet patterns.


I spent a gazillion hours looking for patterns matching what I wanted and the yarn I had on hand only to get stuck halfway not understanding any of the crazy abbreviations and symbols.


With time and practice, I slowly got better at understanding the directions but I still ended up with dozens of half-finished projects hidden in the back of my closet.


But then I started to look at all the information in the pattern, made a plan before starting a new project and stopped crocheting blindly.


That's when things finally changed.


Fast forward to today and I'm designing my own patterns.


I created this workshop because I want to help new crocheters dive into the world of crochet patterns without the stress, headache and tangled yarn messes I had to go through.


...and I can't wait to show you how it's done!

Your life BEFORE Proficient in Patterns:


  • Frustrated your cardigan didn't turn out anything like the pattern pictures and you can't gift it to your daughter as you planned.


  • Confused about all these parenthesis, numbers and crazy abbreviations in the shawl pattern you're desperately trying to decipher.


  • Lost not knowing what half of the pattern information even means: Gauge? Blocking? What language is this??


  • Panicked when your friend asks you to make that pattern's pretty blanket for her new grand-daughter.


  • Crying over a giant pile of tangled yarn from undoing your project for the third time.

Your life AFTER Proficient in Patterns:


  • Confident tackling the sweater pattern you've been drooling over knowing what information you need and how to use it.


  • Motivated to learn new stitches and techniques now that you can follow any crochet pattern.


  • Relaxed spending all your craft time actually crafting and recharged after a good yarn session.


  • Proud of all the handmade gifts you've made your friends and family (they even fit nicely!).


  • Looking forward to the next new pattern you'll tackle (when you finish your 3 current work in progress that is). 

(I think I know which one I'd pick every time!)

Due to the digital nature of Proficient in Patterns (and the fact that you could consume the entire product in just a few, short hours!) I do not offer refunds for this product. 

However, I want you to be absolutely THRILLED with your purchase, so please reach out to me if you have any issues and I'll be happy to resolve them with you.

Have a Question? I've got you:


When can I access the workshop?

As soon as you enroll, you'll get access to the workshop and be on your way to reading crochet patterns like a pro. Everyone who registers will get lifetime access to this workshop training. Don't worry -- I gotcha covered ;).


What is the time commitment?

The workshop + Q&A session will take 2hours. After that, it's your turn to put your new skills into practice.


Are there any prerequisites?

Proficient in Patterns is designed for new crocheters who already know a few stitches and are ready to dive into the universe of crochet patterns.


Are there any other material or equipment costs besides the enrollment cost of the workshop?

No, you won't need anything else to learn how to read crochet patterns. However, you'll want all the yarn, hooks and patterns to put your new skills into practice and dive into your handmade gifts to do list after the training.


What is the refund policy?

Due to the Live + digital nature of Proficient in Patterns (and the fact that you could consume the entire product in just a few short hours!) I do not offer refunds for this product.


However, I want you to be absolutely THRILLED with your purchase, so please reach out if you have any issues and I'll be happy to resolve them with you.



(don’t see your question answered above? Shoot me an email and I'll personally get back to you!)


If you're ready to read crochet patterns like a pro, save your spot at the workshop now and you'll go through it step-by-step !

Hurry! Limited time offer expires soon!