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Attention Crochet Beginners!

Ready to finally decipher crochet patterns like a pro? 


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Hortense, I just wanted to take a quick note to say thank you. Your patterns are so easy to follow and leave nothing for you to guess about. Your instructions are so clear. Thank you, thank you!!! - Mary

Your patterns are beautiful, your instructions and tips are the best, you easily and thoroughly explain all. Thank you. - Jen

The instructions are so easy to follow. The photos provide excellent visual help! – Susie

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Right now you’re feeling :

  • Frustrated you're cardigan didn't turn out anything like the pattern pictures and you can't gift it to your daughter as you planned.


  • Confused about all these parenthesis, numbers and crazy abbreviations in the shawl pattern you're desperately trying to decipher.


  • Lost not knowing what half of the pattern information even means: Gauge? Blocking? What language is this??

You're ready to feel :

  • Confident tackling the sweater pattern you've been drooling over knowing what information you need and how to use it.


  • Motivated to learn new stitches and techniques now that you can follow any crochet pattern.


  • Relaxed spending all your craft time actually crafting and recharged after a good yarn session.


  • Proud of the handmade hats you'll crochet your friends and family (they even fit nicely!).

Good news!

This Master Crochet Patterns Roadmap is going to show you EXACTLY the steps you need to confidently follow a crochet pattern (and end up with a project that actually looks like the pictures).

Hi, I’m Hortense!

I help crochet beginners understand crochet patterns so that they can crochet whatever they want.


A few years ago though? I was just like you: 

Knowing only a few stitches and desperately trying to make sense of written crochet patterns.


Fast forward a few years and now I am designing my own patterns and I can’t wait to help you make your own projects, too!

Proficient in patterns mockup

Ready to stop crocheting blindly and get a step by step plan to follow crochet patterns successfully?


Grab your FREE Master Crochet Patterns Roadmap below!